Graffiti Artist Puts Artistic Spin on Word Riddles

Pref is a London-based graffiti artist and graphic designer who has become well-known for his amazing lettering and typography-driven art. The artist likes to layer multiple words into a single work, playing with letters and perspective in fun and creative ways.

The artist routinely shares his work on Instagram where he has amassed nearly 50,000 followers that love trying to decipher his works. While not all of his pieces are word riddles, many of them are creative interpretations of popular phrases and idioms. You can find some of our personal favourites below. Try and guess what each piece says before scrolling down to see the ‘title’! .

^^^^ All Over It ^^^^

^^^^^ Build / Destroy ^^^^^

^^^^ Alongside Me ^^^^

^^^^^ Think Twice ^^^^^

^^^^ All the Way Up ^^^^

^^^^^ I’m Surrounded ^^^^^

^^^^ Good Sh*t ^^^^

^^^^^ Yeah, Yeah, Yeah ^^^^^

^^^^ Less is More ^^^^

^^^^^ Meltdown ^^^^^

^^^^ Hellbent ^^^^

^^^^^ Inner Demon ^^^^^

^^^^ Fun in the Sun ^^^^

^^^^^ No More ^^^^^

^^^^ Hahaha! ^^^^

^^^^^ Kabooooom! ^^^^^

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