25 Gorgeous Pictures of Waterfalls

1) Kirkjufellsfoss, Iceland

Here the runoff from Iceland's most photographed mountain forms a waterfall.

2) Godafoss, Iceland

3) Nachi Great Waterfall, Japan

Over 400 feet high, with a waterflow of one ton per second, Japan's tallest waterfall is the center of worship at the Kumano Nachi Grand Shrine.

4) Tappiya Falls, Philippines

The Banaue Rice Terraces, sometimes called the Eighth Wonder of the World, envelop this high waterfall. "One could feel the spray hundreds of feet back and hear the sound of the roar five times [further than] that."

5) Skogafoss, Iceland

A horseback rider overlooks a broad cascade in Iceland.

6) Skogafoss, Iceland

A visitor is dwarfed by the cascading water and mist.

7) El Chaltén, Argentina

Moody weather shadows a cataract in Patagonia.

8) Elk Falls, Canada

The falls of the Campbell River blankets the surrounding rock with an icy spray.

9) Multnomah Falls, Oregon

This is one of the most photographed places on the West Coast.

10) Stirling Falls, New Zealand

Stirling Falls plummets from a height of nearly 500 feet in Fjorland National Park.

11) Yosemite Falls, California

In late April, snowmelt increases the flow of the iconic, 2,425-foot waterfall.

12) Upper Yellowstone Falls, Wyoming

The Yellowstone River flows through two major falls, the Upper and Lower, before reaching the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.

13) Niagara Falls, Canada

The famous falls (actually composed of three separate cataracts) has the highest flow rate in North America and attracts about 30 million tourists a year.

14) Devils Punchbowl, New Zealand

Small southern beech tree stands alone, clinging to life.

15) Lower Yellowstone Falls, Wyoming

Colorful clouds roll over the falls, seen from the popular South Rim overlook known as Artist Point

16) Ristafallet, Sweden

Nearly 200 feet wide, this popular waterfall is one of Sweden's largest.

17) Salto Corumbá, Brazil

Faced with tourists swimming at the base of the 230-foot-tall falls, the photographer said "I realized that I could try using people to give sense of scale to the image."

18) Mulafossur Waterfall, Faroe Islands

A tall waterfall cascades off a promontory of Vagar, one of the North Atlantic's autonomous Faroe Islands (officially Danish territory).

19) Verzasca River, Switzerland

A place "like a jewel...the most difficult to reach and a true gift of nature."

20) Gullfoss, Iceland

A visitor gazes into the gorge formed by this powerful waterfall in southern Iceland.

21) Nelson Falls, Australia

Trees diffuse the light of the setting sun across this tiered waterfall on Tasmania's west coast.

22) Tinago Falls, Philippines

Taking its name from a Tagalog word meaning "hidden," this remote but popular cascade can only be reached by descending 500 winding steps.

23) Banff, Canada

Water still runs beneath the icy shell of this waterfall in Banff National Park.

24) Pacific Northwest, United States

Trek down a dirt hill for a mile, only trusting the sound of roaring waters to lead the way.

25) Palaiokarya, Greece

These two waterfalls were artificially created beneath a stone bridge.

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