The World at Night with Clear Skies and No Light Pollution

Fifteen Beautiful pictures by Ben Coffman

Ben Coffman is a landscape photographer based out of Portland, Oregon, who specializes in night photography, in particular ‘landscape astrophotography’ featuring the Milky Way. Not only does this give Ben the opportunity to explore the great outdoors, but it lets us city dwellers gain a greater appreciation for the awe-inspiring night sky as well as the breathtaking landscapes of our planet.

1. Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

2. False Dusk and Falls, Oregon Coast

3. Palouse Falls, Washington

4. Oregon Coast

5. Aurora Borealis at Trillium Lake, Oregon

6. Milky Way Silhouette

7. Jefferson Park, Oregon

8. Abandoned House in Oregon

9. Venus and Jupiter rising, Crater Lake National Park

10. Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach

11. Dalles Mountain Ranch, Washington

12. Lost Lake at Mount Hood

13. Yaquina Head Lighthouse, Oregon

14. Lyrid Meteor Shower at Crater Lake

15. Jefferson Park, Oregon

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