Photoshopped Animal Hybrids

Various Artists/Photographers

If you could combine any two animals into one fantastical creature, what would you create? A Snowl Leopard? A Butterphant? Sure the laws of nature don’t really allow for such things (ligers and wholphins aside), but digitally… anything is possible!

1. Snowl Leopard

2. Butterphant

3. Catephant

4. Sea-Rex

5. Hairy Potter (pony + otter)

6. Owlves

7. Orangupanda

8. Squirrox

9. Killer Penguin

10. Dubbit

11. Crocobear

12. Horsekatoo

14. Cat-meleon.

15. Denguin

16. GuineaLion

17. Puggit

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