19 Great Photos around the world.

1. Blue ice, the stunning result of snow falling on a glacier and becoming compressed.

2. Not a branch but a mammoth tusk unearthed from the ground.

3. Not Legoland: a housing complex in San Buenaventura, Mexico.

4. This looks like a piece of art but it's a honeycomb.

5. An infrared photo of a garden - how a bee sees.

6. A giant cactus, Pachycereus weberi, native to Mexico & southern Arizona

7. Stunning blue-ringed octopus: one the most dangerous marine animals.

8. The Iraqi Marshes: an aquatic landscape in a desert climate.

9. 27,000 year-old hand print discovered on rocks of an Indonesian island.

10. It looks like a tattoo: scars left after being struck by lightning.

11. Bangledeshians get creative: a floating bridge made out of dinghies.

12. What a difference a century makes: the daily commute then and now..

13. Lavender and wheat fields grow side by side in perfect harmony

14. Barely-seen ili pika, a shy mountain animal from China recently spotted for the first time in 20 years.

15. An ice cave formed by volcanic hot springs.

16. Stuyvesant Town is Manhattan's largest apartment complex.

17. A cloud formation above the lake in Holland State Park, Michigan.

18. Bird's eye view of Dubai.

19. To get an idea of how large the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko is, it's been rendered next to a city.

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