Nature’s Fury:
Two dozen Chilling Photos of Natural Hazards

From violent volcanoes to horrifying hurricanes, Mother Nature’s fury is a sight to behold. With so much human conflict and suffering, we often underestimate the awesome and destructive power of nature. While the science behind these events is utterly fascinating, the consequences can be dire and we must respect the power of the planet we live on.

Supercell Thunderstorm in Montana

Chaiten Volcano – Chana, Chile

Chaiten Volcano – Chana, Chile

Forest Fire – Dolginino, Russia

Undersea Volcano – Coast of Tonga

Kliuchevskoi Volcano – Russia

Double Cyclone – Iceland

Flooding (from Typhoon ‘Ketsana’) – Manila, Phillippines

Tornado – Oklahoma, United States

Hurricane Felix – Honduras

Lightning Strike – New York City

Mt. Saint Helens Volcano – Washington, United States

Flooding – Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Mount Merapi Volcano – Indonesia

Dust Storm – China

Lightning Storm – Roswell, New Mexico

Eyjafjallajokull Volcano – Iceland

Flooding (Tropical Storm Agatha) – Guatemala

Wildfires – California

Dust Storm – Australia

Mt. Etna Volcano – Sicily, Italy

Brushfires – Victoria, Australia

Tornado – Iowa, United States

Storm Clouds – South Dakota, United States

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