Some of the Most Intricate and Beautiful Glass Sculptures You Will See

Janis Miltenberger (Seattle) grew up in California during Berkeley’s infamous 60’s and 70’s and was heavily influenced by the social change and the self-introspection of the times. She first began working as a glass apprentice to Richard Marquis at the age of 19. Soon thereafter she studied with both Ron Nagle at Mills College and Marvin Lipofsky who headed the glass department at Oakland’s CCAC. After sixteen years of blowing glass, she was introduced to lampworking. There she found that working alone enhanced her ability to focus and create narrative within her work.

Miltenberger says many of her ideas derive from myths and biblical stories. In addition to being a full-time, independent artist, Miltenberger also teaches classes and workshops around the globe and takes great pride in helping students tap into their own creative sources.

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