14 Pictures of Food Art

Food artist Lauren Purnell, 22, creates amazing plants, animals and landscapes from healthy foods.
She combines her love of food and art to create brilliant designs such as a mother duck walking with her ducklings, a turtle swimming and even a boat in the sea.
Lauren uses nothing but her hands and a knife to put the spectacular pieces of art together.

She uses all types of fruit and vegetables and even uses the ingredients we never usually eat, such as pips, peels and skins.
It can take up to two hours to make the incredible designs and her canvas' are white dinner plates.
She only uses her hands and a knife to make them. Sometimes they can take between 30 and 45 minutes and other times it can take up to an hour or two.


"Sea Turtle"

"Lake Como"

"Tree Frog"

"Autumn Tree"




"Sail Boat"



"Back to School"

"Bird House"


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