The Incredible Building-Sized Murals of the ETAM Cru

Sainer and Bezt are two amazing artists from Lodz, Poland. Together, the duo are known as the ETAM CRU, and their building-sized murals have taken them around the world, putting their stamp on cityscapes for major art festivals and commissions.

Below you can see some highlights from Sainer and Bezt. Some of the artworks were done individually while others were joint efforts.

“Good Morning” – ETAM
Boras, Sweden, 2014

“1st Day of School” – ETAM
Stavanger, Norway, 2014

“Meeting Her Parents” – Bezt
Aalborg, Denmark, 2016

“Girl with the Orange” – ETAM
Dubai, UAE, 2016

“Mr. Rooster” – ETAM
Los Angeles, USA, 2015

“Hobo” – Bezt
Montreal, Canada, 2014

“When the Hunter Becomes the Hunted” – Bezt
Dunedin, New Zealand, 2015

“Crossroads” – Sainer
Lisbon, Portugal, 2015

“She Never Came” – Bezt
Providence, USA, 2015

“Until the Quiet Comes” – ETAM
Adelaide, Australia, 2015

Richmond, VA, United States, 2013

“Untitled” – ETAM
Warsaw, Poland, 2013

“Birdyboat" – Sainer
Gdynia, Poland 2012

“Traphouse" – ETAM
Lodz, Poland 2012

“Primaverat" – Sainer
Lodz, Poland 2012

Etam, Chazme, Sepe, Lump: "Jazz in free times"
Szczecin, Poland 2010

Etam: "Makao" – Halle, Germany 2012

“The Last Mohican” by SAINER
Oslo, Norway, 2013

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