This Guy Combines Animals in Photoshop and Now I Don’t Know What’s Real

Since 2012, Arne Olav Gurvin Fredriksen aka Gyyporama, has been casually combining animals in Photoshop, creating quirky hybrids that have spread far and wide online.

A Norwegian electronics engineer by day, Fredriksen says the hybrids are a fun hobby for him and he routinely shares his work on Instagram and reddit.
Take a gander at some of Arne’s most popular hybrids below. If you’ve wasted hours on the Internet you’ve probably come across a few of them in the ‘wild’ and just never knew who the creator was. :)

1. Horseal

2. Killerpenguin

3. Birkat

4. Guinealion

5. Phantee

6. Heagle

7. Elephuck

8. Belugull

9. Porse

10. Birdrilla

11. Huck

12. Hammergull

13. Shorse

14. Elephird

15. Chorse

16. Sharkopotamus

17. Probird


19. Seabull

20. Dorse

21. Swama

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