20 Nostalgic Pictures

Cars Were Colorful! Most cars these days look fairly bland, but in the 50's, our cars were big, bright, and fun!

We Got Dressed Up for Birthday Parties. And sometimes there was even a pony there!

We Played in the Streets We didn't have to text our friends back in the day - we'd all just come outside and get to playing!

Gas Was Very Cheap On some days, it was only $0.20 a gallon, and beyond that, the people at the station could also fix just about anything!

Ben Franklin 5-10 Was Everything We loved going to these stores. They had just about anything and everything you could think of.

If it Wasn't the Ben Franklin, it Was the A&P!

Our Skates Got "Locked" with a Key. They were also made almost entirely of metal and very hard to skate on!

The Drive-In Was The Place to Be This 1950's photo from South Bend, Indiana shows how popular they were!

Car Seats Were More Like Couches Thatís right - they were big, long, and you could slide all the way across!

The Freezer Actually Had to be DEFROSTED! Every now and then you'd have to manually defrost the freezer - sometimes took all day with a lot of scraping!

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